The user interface for ClickHome is the result of many years of work and a lot of time listening to our clients and users.

This is what you will see when you login, the notable features are:

  • Navigation bar is on the left hand side for top level navigation.. start here. Similar and consistent with Windows Start button opening the main navigation on the right side, and a similar look and feel to other commercial web based applications.
  • Breadcrumbs and context based navigation across the top of the screen. This will show you what job, task, client or other screen you are in, and provide options to drill down into other areas.
  • Help shortcut is on the top right hand side. Clicking on the familiar question mark will bring you back to this user manual, and often right to the help section for the very screen you are on.
  • The start screen is a Dashboard. These will become a consistent feature through the application, and provide a quick way to customise your own experience to meet your requirements and focus your goals.

The navigation bar on the left will change as we deliver new features and modules. Currently you will find:

  • ClickHome logo at the top left corner - click on this to bring you back to the dashboard.
  • Search - Hover over the search icon to see additional choices to search on Contracts, Tasks, and more, or click once to bring up the quick search box.
  • Mine - which has a list of predefined searches.
  • Team - which has a list of predefined searches.
  • Jobs - Which has contract icons for Land, Leads, Preconstruction, Construction, Maintenance, and ad-hoc that each run a predefined search based on configurable settings.
  • Sales - displays tenders.
  • Planning - Contains the job overview screen and the room booker
  • Misc. - Which will contain the admin section of clickhome and currently contains all the reports you have permission to run. 
  • Bell Icon - Shows the ClickHome version releases.
  • Survey Icon - which opens a survey to ask about your experience and satisfaction. This only appears after you have used it for a while. When you see it, please use to to give us general feedback on your experience and what other features are important to you. This feedback goes to our entire team to help us plan future improvements.
  • Global Add button for adding new jobs, notes and other records quickly.
  • Your profile icon where you can access user settings, logout, and view reminders.

On the top right side is a sliding button with the word Feedback. This is for specific feedback and issues and goes straight to our support team with your email address so we can promptly address issues you might be having.

See the video below for a quick intro of ClickHome's new user interface.