Tasks and workflow are the core feature most users are familiar with in ClickHome. Our aim with this interface is to provide easy navigation tools to get you to the right task with the right information as quickly as possible.

Important features of the tasklist screens below include:

  • Sortable columns
  • Ability to choose to include or exclude specific columns (saving user preferences coming soon)
  • Contract icon and number
  • Star icon to save as Favourite Task
  • Task Priority
  • Lot Address
  • Numerous Date fields
  • Days late indicator
  • MyHome indicator showing this task appears in MyHome for the client

When you click on a single task on the task list, the criteria collapses, and the list moves to the left side of the screen. The task details are loaded in the middle, and the Info Panel is loaded on the right side.

Task List search results for MyTasks search

Task List search results for Available, Planned to Tentative Tasks on Construction jobs in Filter All My Contracts

Task Details showing task on a construction job

Schedule construction task