Contracts is probably not the right term, but we've called it contracts since our first version in 2004, and so many clients and users are used to it. So, for the moment, lets clarify what we mean.

  • Contract in the system is any one of the Land, Lead, Preconstruction, Construction or Maintenance contracts that control a specific phase of the clients overall journey from first contact to end of maintenance obligations. Sometimes we call it a workflow, especially in the case of Leads where it is clearly not a contract yet, and sometimes a Job, especially in Construction and Maintenance where those users might expect it to be called a Job.
  • Master Contract is how we group multiple phases into the overall client journey and how common data such as client, business unit, house type and other activities such as sales quotes and tenders are linked together.

For many users, you will see contracts through the contract info panel (such as Preconstruction Contract Info Panel) on the right hand side of the tasks as you work your way through MyTasks.

Some of the ways you will interact with contracts include:

Search for contracts will always return a master contract record, showing individual details of the contracts within it. You can click on the row to see the master contract overview, or on each individual job type icon to see the individual contract.

Bulk operations on search lists

Master Contract Editing

Edit Contract