Sometimes you may want to specify additional clients that are related to a job but are not the main client. This could be someone like a tenant, a property mananager or an insurance company.

ClickHome allows you do this with the ‘Related Clients' section. To make sure this section is visible, you will need the ‘5021 – ContractClientLink’ opcode in your security permissions.


The Related Clients Screen will look like this:


You will see that the ‘Related Clients’ section is on the job at the Master Contract level. 

You are able to select from all clients in the dropdown menu and attach them to the contract. You can also create a new client here as well. 

The related clients you enter will appear in the tblContractClientLinks table in the database.

Once you have added a related Client, they can then be assigned as the client on a Maintenance Job. You may want to do this if they are the tenant living in the property.