Tasks are generally loaded from a template for each job and are assigned to users or suppliers to schedule and complete throughout the duration of a contract, below is a screenshot of a task page:

Key Features of a task include:

  • Dates, Assigned User & Progress Bar

The dates are relevant to the specific task and include; available, last assigned, planned, a proposed alternative date, and a due date for the task. 

The assigned user is the person who will be completing this task.

The progress bar can be used to half complete a task, this will populate the date started when it is first moved.

  • Flex-Fields

Flex fields are used to store additional information to customise and complement the system according to the needs of the user.  These can be notes, checklists, numeric, dates and lists.

  • Notes

These can be used to track and record communication with the client as well as reminders for the user on the particular task.

  • Documents

Documents can be uploaded against the task, this includes images of the job, a PDF of the contract, brochures or technical documentation.