tblHouseListings > InHouseStatus:

  • Draft = 0
  • Pending Upload =1
  • Live = 2
  • Sold = 3
  • Withdrawn = 4
  • Deleted = 5

The house listing starts off in Draft.

It can then be manually modified to Pending Upload if the user has permission to change the status.

Or it can be deleted by manually setting the status to Deleted.

After this process will run and take the listing to the real estate portal/s.

Once the listing is on the portals it will automatically change the status to Live.

The listing can then be manually changed to Sold or Withdrawn.

If it is set to Sold a price must be entered.

tblHouseListings > cdUploadStatus is the field:

E = Draft

U = Deleted / Withdrawn

C = Live

P = Pending Upload

S = Sold