Accessing the System

To access the system you will have been provided with an address to type into a compatible web browser* such as Chrome that will give you access to the system. If you do not know what this address is please speak to the person who looks after ClickHome within your business. To access ClickHome you will also need a username and password - once again these are provided by the relevant person / people within your organisation.

§  For a list of compatible web browsers please refer to Supported Browsers

Login Screen

The following screenshot is an example of what you may see on you screen when you first enter the ClickHome application through your web browser.


To Login

Type in the username and password that has been provided to you.

Please note that you cannot register for a new user or have your password reset from this screen. You will need to contact you system administrator to do this. 


Click on the logout button. Closing the browser will not automatically log you out all of the time and as such reopening the browser may give someone access to your details. You should logout of ClickHome correctly which is by clicking on the logout button which is located at the bottom left when you hover over your name.