How to add and use a shopping list package on a Tender- first, a shopping list package must be set up and available on the tender- see Setup - Shopping List Packages

To start, open an existing Tender or create a new Tender- see How to - create a new tender and How to - editing a tender

Once editing the tender:

  1. Find and select a shopping list package. This is the same as selecting any other package type.
  2. Click on the Package Name to open the Package Shopping List Window

Once you click the 'Shopping List' button, the Package Shopping List window will open. Tick any options or packages that you would like to add to the tender, up to the budget of the shopping list, and click OK:

The features of this screen are as follows:

  1. Shopping List Package Name
  2. Change Package button - select this to transfer all selections on the current shopping list to a different shopping list- see 'Change Package' below
  3. Total Shopping List Budget- this is the limit for how much can be spent on the shopping list
  4. Packages list - this region lists all packages that can be selected on the shopping list. By default, no packages are selected on the shopping list.
  5. Options list - this region lists all options that can be selected on the shopping list. By default, no options are selected on the shopping list.
  6. Total Spent & Difference - the total price of all selected options on the list, and the remaining budget left to spent on the shopping list, respectively.
  7. OK button - to confirm changes made on the list. After clicking 'OK' you must also save the tender for changes to apply.

    The columns in the Option and Package lists are the same, and are as follows:

  8. Select - tick this box to add the Option/Package in the same row to the shopping list.
  9. The name of the Option / Package
  10. Qty - increase / decrease this value to change the amount of the option/package to add to the tender.
  11. Price - the total price of the option / package added to the tender

Change Package

Sometimes, you may need to transfer the selections already made on one shopping list to a different shopping list, e.g. if there is not enough budget left on the shopping list to make all the desired selections, and you need to transfer to a shopping list with a higher budget.

To do this, click the Change Package button in the Package Shopping List window ( #2, above ). In the Change Package window, use the dropdown to select the new package you would like to transfer all selections to.

If there are any selections missing in the new package, you will see a warning. These selections will be removed from the new shopping list.

Once the correct package is selected, click Confirm to migrate to the new package, or cancel to return to the shopping list.