Setup - Shopping List Packages

Shopping List Categories

To create a Shopping List Package, a Tender Package Category must be configured as a Shopping List Category.

To set up a Shopping List Category, go to:

  1. Administration
  2. Tenders
  3. Package Categories

To make a Package Category a Shopping List Category, tick the 'Shopping List' box:

Every Package assigned to a shopping list category will be a Shopping List package. For a full description on creating and modifying tender package categories, see Setup - Tender Package Categories.

Creating a Shopping List Package

To create a shopping list package, go to Tenders > Administration > Packages, then:

  1. Select a Shopping List category
  2. Create a new Package
  3. Name the package and configure its settings - see Setup - Tender Packages for details
  4. Save Changes
  5. Click on the Details button

Once in the Package Details, to add options to the shopping list package, go to the 'Options Included' tab.

Tick any options that you would like to make available in the Shopping List as if you were adding options to any other package type (see "Options Included" section of Setup - Create Tender Packages) :

Shopping List Budget 

After adding options to the shopping list, you must save to apply changes. Once at least one option has been saved to the shopping list, a budget can be provided for a shopping list.

To add a budget to a shopping list, go to the 'Package Details' tab and enter a value in the 'Budget' field, before saving.