A customer can create a maintenance issue from within the MyHome portal. To create a maintenance issue, log in to the MyHome portal by clicking on the Login button 

The customer then enters the following details in the login section (1) :

  • Job Number
  • User ID 
  • User password

The Login button (2) is clicked to enter the MyHome portal.

To create a maintenance job, click on Maintenance in the top navigation bar.

Click on the 90 Days Maintenance button under the Maintenance Request section

The Maintenance Issue creation screen will be displayed. 

Enter the following information:

  • Issue Subject (1) - Field to enter the maintenance issue subject.
  • Issue description (2) - Field to enter a detailed explanation of the maintenance issue. 
  • Add More Files (3) - Click on Add More Files to add images or other files related to the issue.

Once a file has been added using the Add More Files option, the file name will be displayed (1). To submit the issue and add another issue click on the Submit & Add More button. If there are no further issues, click on the Submit & Continue button. 

As soon as the issues are submitted in MyHome, they will be displayed in the Maintenance section of ClickHome for that job. Please check the screenshot below highlighting the job that was just added through the MyHome maintenance issue section. 

Click on the issue to display a detailed view of the issue.