To begin either select Tasks on the left hand side menu or Tasks on the dashboard

For this instructional I have selected  Tasks on the left menu.

This page has a list of all tasks which must be completed. The tasks highlighted in Red mean they are overdue and behind schedule, while the the others mean they have yet to reach their target date or do not have a target date specified. 

Select a task from the list which you would like to delegate.

The info panel in the middle will expand displaying details of the task.

Click on the Kebab menu icon with the 3 dots which will expand to show a variety of options.

Select Delegate.

*NOTE* You must have the necessary permissions in order to delegate tasks or else this option will not appear *NOTE*

A popup menu will appear asking to select a Resource to delegate the task to. The resource must also have the necessary permissions(Resource Code) to be able to complete the task or else it will not successfully delegate the task.

Select Delegate

A confirmation notification will appear on the bottom left of the screen saying the task has been Delegated.

If you do a search on the Task and select it, you can now see it has been assigned to Jack Jones.

Delegate Team Tasks

Below is an animation showing how to delegate multiple team tasks simultaneously.