In the ClickHome application, there is built-in functionality to run custom workflows that had been previously configured by your ClickHome Consultant. This either turns tasks on or off on a job, these are usually triggered from a flex field answer, however, they can also be configured to not be linked to any flex fields and be run as outlined below.

Users require the operation code 4505 - WorkflowEngineRunSubProcess in order to have access to this functionality.

It is also suggested that any user with access to this functionality, knows what tasks will be affected when they run particular custom workflows so that jobs are not missing tasks they shouldn't be.

  1. From within a specific contract workflow (Lead, Pre-Construction, Construction), navigate to the 'kebab' menu in the top right-hand corner:

  2. In this menu, select "Workflow/CallSheet" then "Run Custom Workflow":

  3. A pop-up should appear, from within the drop-down menu select which process you would like to run:

  4. Once selected, click on "Run Custom Workflow", the page should refresh and either add or remove tasks based on what has been configured: