The task list has been given fresh new icons and colour coding in the latest HTML 5 user interface and this document will explain what each of them mean.


The table below will explain what each icon means. Note, if you need to quickly remember what an icon means, simply hover over it in the task list screen as shown below:

Icon Breakdown

Unplanned and Pending
Planned and Waiting
Planned and Pending
Planned and Accepted
Planned and Completed
Planned and Rescheduled
Planned and Rejected
Started and Completed
Started and Pending
Completed and Completed


When a task is overdue, the corresponding line in the task list will be highlighted red. The green highlighting means that the task is running on-schedule and is active.

When a task has been started, the highlighting will appear in a light shade of green in the "Name" column as can be seen below. This indicates the percentage progress of this task, and will move closer to the right hand of column as the percentage increases.