Sync errors on field devices can occur for many reasons, however, below is a standard checklist on what to do when these errors appear.

1. Check if the device lost connection to the server 

  • Is your Login/Password details correct?
    • Solution: input the correct login and password details
  • Is your Web Service Location correct? (This can be found in the Settings Menu > System Settings)
    • Solution: input the correct Web Service Location
  • Are you in an area with low signal? 
    • Solution: Try to sync in an area with high signal strength. Ideally Full bars and 4G connections.

2. Check to see if any mandatory flex-fields or inspections are completed on tasks that were set to complete

3. Check that any suppliers that have just been scheduled for a task have the correct email address for sending call-ups. 

4. Ensure the user has the necessary permissions if an error shows along the lines of:

"2019-11-29 15:33:00.1898 ThreadId: 34 Level: ERROR UserId: 7 TaskId: ec0ca896-3d06-4402-a215-e8dfb3ed2f0f MethodName: InsertDocument Message: Cannot create new document ClickHome.Contracts.InsufficientPermissionException: Not enough permission to execute. Operation code: 8401."


The error does not always show the specific operation code, if not, some general things to check;

5. Check the ClickHome error logs, the iPad logs will be the websvc logs stored on the application server - these logs can expand on and provide more information about the error you are seeing: 

  • The websvc logs records information from a top-down approach. This means that the latest information that is logged after opening the log will be at the bottom of the file.
  • You can search for the related error via the "Find" function (CRTL+F) and then searching for the error that occurred based on the date and time.
    • You can take a look further if you know the work item ID for the task. This ID can be found in the database (under tblWorkItems)