Please note that you do require licenses to use Field Devices

Download the ClickHome Mobile Manager from the iTunes Store

The first step required, is to login to the App Store via the Apple device.

From the App Store click the search button, enter ClickHome into the dialog box.


This will find the ClickHome App and you’ll just need to click the Install Button on the appropriate application. The application that's found should look similar to the item displayed above.

Finally wait for the application to finish downloading and you’ll be to move onto the next step.

Configuring the System Settings

Find the ClickHome Application on your device and touch the icon to load the software.



From home screen, you’ll need to click on the Settings Cog Icon. The Cog Icon can be located at the top right hand side of the application. The next screen gives you two options. The first is System Settings and this is the option you need to select. Login Details is the next screen that’ll appear. You now need to enter the details of the supervisor that’ll be using the laptop. The username and password will be the same as those used by the supervisor to access ClickHome.


After the details are entered, we’ll need to click the Save button. From here skip over the Security Button at the bottom of the page and select Connections Button.

This will take you to the connections screen. You’ll only need to change the Web Service Location. The location is provided by your Application Administrator or IT Department. Do not forget to press the save button once again.

Rebuilding the database

The final screen in this process is the Database Screen. To get to this page select the Database icon at the bottom of the page.


You should now be on the Database Settings page. Click Test Rebuild.


The following dialog box will appear and you’re going to click yes and continue.


If you do not get the successful test rebuild messages appearing, you should check information entered in each of the previous steps, before trying again. If this fails a second time please contact your Application Administrator or IT Department for further settings. If they can’t help, please call ClickHome Support or send us an email.



Finally once we have a successful Test Rebuild, we can move on to a rebuild. Click the Rebuild button. You should now be prompted with the following messages

Once you’re prompted with the successful rebuild, you’re ready to return to the home screen. 

Do not forget to Synchronize your device before you start using it