When one of our Support or Implementation team members asks for the sync log or iPad database from your field device.  Please follow the steps below to get it.

Current iPad Versions

To export a sync log, you must first have 'enable logging' ticked in user preferences screen for a sync log file to be saved on your device. With a sync error, you can tick this option, then perform a sync, then export the sync log.

Below shows the Write Log check box

To export the Database or Sync log:
Preferences -> System settings -> Database.

Then choose the relevant option.

Purely for informational purposes. If there are issues sending the log file via email you can perform the following. Also if you have an iPad version less than 207:

1) Sync the iPad

2) Hook your iPad into a computer with a USB Cable
3) Launch iTunes on your computer

4) Select the device in the list on the left side in iTunes

5) Select the "Apps" tab for the device

6) At the bottom of the iTunes window is a section titled File Sharing
7) Navigate to the sections below


8) Select the files clickHome1.sqllite and MobileManagerLog.txt file,Click Save to.. to save on your computer.

9) Send the above copied files to support team