Before adding any new users please ensure enough licences are present.

Do not Rename an existing account

To add a new user you must be a System Admin or have the similar rights.


Step 1: Click on 'Users' section on the left hand navigation tree. You will see a list of users, click on add new item.


Step 2: Enter the Basic user details like 'Username', 'FullName' (Both mandatory) and click on the button next to the username (As depicted in the image). Please make sure the user name is unique.




Step 3: Hit save now before you scroll down to the newly created user and click on 'Details' link as depicted below.


Step 4:
The user details screen is displayed below and the important section that need to be filled have been highlighted and explained.



Step 5:
Contact Details.




Step 6: Security Roles, these are the Security Roles defined for your organization. You will see a list of system security roles and possibly your customized roles with your organizations name in front of it.

There are two kinds of scenarios while choosing Security Roles:

Scenario 1:

Custom Role

Example if you are adding a user who would be a Supervisor and your company has defined customised roles you would choose a role called 'ABC Company - Supervisor'



Scenario 2:

If you use the standard roles to set-up a user, for example a supervisor you would assign the following roles.

Supervisor   -FULL                  - For supervisor role and being able to allocate work out to external parties

Supervisor Multidevice    -  To use iPad

Supervisor Inspections   - To use inspections module  


Step 7: 'Regions', if you have regions set up, choose them from the drop down. If the user is going to be active in Leads, Preconstruction and Construction Phases. you will have to add the regions for all these phases (Refer to the screen shot below)



Step 8:
'Resource Allocation' choose the respective resource codes. These are the Resource codes you would have set up initially.
Example: If Task 1 of Preconstruction is assigned to the resource 'Scheduler' and if the new user is a 'Scheduler' choose the same from the list. If you also want him/her to be doing the estimation tasks as well then choose 'Estimator' as well.

Resource Codes2.png


Step 9: 'Supervisor Messaging settings' this section helps you choose the messaging settings for Supervisors.

Send direct to supplier will allow the supervisor to send callups direct to suppliers. The other settings are used during the training phase of a new user.


Step 10: 'Subordinates' this section helps you choose the subordinates of the new user. If you want the Accounts manager to view the jobs and calendars of everyone in the accounts team, just add them from the list of users.