Client discovers an increase in transaction log size and is running out of space on the Log file drive.


Maintenance of the SQL server and Log files Maintenance is not handled by ClickHome but by the Client IT usually the infrastructure team. This could be a clients in-house or external IT staff. 

Database log files are different to the application logs generated by ClickHome3. Regular back up of the transaction log eliminates growth. Each time the log is backed-up, it resets the internal use of the log, and the new logs just overwrite.
What is a transaction log

When ClickHome is deployed, the database is set to full recover mode, this allows data to be restored to a specific point in time to reduce data loss. However this can lead to large transaction logs if regular backups are not performed.

The quickest way to recover the space used by the transaction log is to set the database recover mode from full to simple and then do a normal backup. We recommend a full database backup before changing the recovery mode. You should now be able to put it back to full recover mode and then using regular log file backups, the log size will stay under control.

Please ensure above is done in a safe way.

Maintaining proper backup routines are paramount in case of data corruption. Please read below a few articles on best practices.

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