ClickHome 3 Releases

All future releases will be announced in this topic - please follow it to stay informed of updates.

Release notes will be published here ClickHome 3 Release Notes Folder

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Yesterday our Support Platform and Internal Emails had an outage and some emails could have gone missing. If you have sent our team any emails between 9am and 8pm WST and have not received any replies please try again as it might not have reached our email provider.

We have released version 3.12.8

This is a major release including Request for Credit and the Tenders new UI.

Please read the full release notes here.

We have released 3.12.7

full releasenotes can be found here

We have released version 3.12.6.

Full releasenotes here


We have released 3.12.3 (Build 740)

This version includes the highly anticipated Shopping List feature. 

It also features a heap of other improvements in Tenders, Mobile Leads, Real Estate Portal Listings and lots more.

Read the full release notes here

We are releasing version 3.12.1 (Build 621)

This version includes a few improvments in MobileLeads, new Report, settings  and some bug fixes.

Read full release notes here

You asked, we listened! We are very excited to launch the new ClickHome Interface.

Full release notes for version 3.12.0 (build 562) HERE

We are releasing version 3.11.11 (Build 411)

This release includes changes in document handling, few improvements in MobileLeads, Exchange integration and a few bug fixes.

Please find details in release notes

Please be advised due to unannounced Internet upgrades our Office is currently without Internet and Phone. Please e-mail or call your consultant on their Mobile in case of urgent matters that need to be attended to.

We are releasing version 3.11.10 (Build 388) soon.

This release includes small improvements and few bug fixes.

Full release notes here.

We have released version 3.11.9 (Build 368)

This release includes the much awaited feature of Construction Control, some performance improvements in MobileLeads Tenders and a few bug fixes.

Please read release notes for more details.

Note: edited – external link to release notes

We are happy to release version 3.11.7 (Build 303).

This release includes improvements and a bunch of bug fixes in Land module.

It includes performance improvement in MobileLeads and H5 interface.

Please read full release notes for more details.

We are happy to release 3.11.6 (Build 238).

This release comes with new Module Portal Listings, some improvements in baseline calculation and Tenders.

It also includes bug fixes. Please read full release notes for more details.

We have released version 3.11.4 (Build 173).

Besides including Tender and report related improvements and a few bug fixes, this release includes Beta version for the new Clickhome user interface. 

Please see full release notes for more details.

We have released hotfixes for version 3.11.3.

Please see release notes for more details.