ClickHome is a software development company and does not manage the configuration or set up of the environment that runs ClickHome. The ongoing responsibilities of a Client IT Resource is outlined in the Transition from Implementation to Support article.  

Your IT Resource will need to ensure that the technical environment that runs ClickHome is adequate and functional. Please take few moments to verify the prerequisites are set up that are required for ClickHome 3 to be installed smoothly on your server.

  1. Admin access to configure services and modify IIS configuration. Please ensure that our windows account has local admin access on the servers we are installing on.

  2. Confirm connection between Web Server and SQL server - easy to follow guide here.

  3. Verify if HTTPS/FTP access is enabled. We need access to download the latest installer packages from

  4. Network Security

    1. Firewall or proxy on your network - Please ensure that our account has full access to and provide any proxy settings we may need. Add to trusted sites if needed.

    2. Note: the web browser might be set to automatically configures the proxy, but the installer might not automatically detect those settings.

  5. SQL Server 2019 or better

    1. If you want to use integrated authentication, then you will need to modify the App Pool and the Windows Service RunAs accounts. Alternatively, ensure that Mixed Mode Authentication is used.

      • Full Text Search enabled. (run this query SELECT FULLTEXTSERVICEPROPERTY('ISFULLTEXTINSTALLED') if the result is 1 full text search is enabled, if it is 0 then it is not installed and will need to be installed by the clients IT staff)

    2. Default ClickHome accounts exist on the server. You must either provide us with an account that has sa access on the SQL box to set these up during our installation process, or alternatively if you have multiple systems on the server and only wish for specific access to be granted to the accounts, you can liaise with ClickHome Support to create the accounts and a blank database with all requirements prior to installation.

  6. Other Installations required on server

    1. dot Net 4.7 or above - latest version - check requirements and release notes.

    2. Silverlight 5

    3. Browser compatible with Silverlight 5

    4. PDF Viewer/Browser compatible with PDF Viewing

    5. Remote access arranged for ClickHome - See Remote Support Requirements.

    6. Additional Roles and features - link

    7. IIS 10

  7. Website Preference - Unless otherwise specified, we will install to the Default Website. If you want to have installation in another website, please configure and test it, and advise us which one to use for which instance of ClickHome (Prod/Test). 

  8. SSL certificate

  9. Optional Prerequisites. 

    1. Access to external systems (Databuild, Timberline, Beams, Constructor)
    2. A comprehensive database maintenance plan.
    3. DNS Entries for external access to ClickHome