Please ensure you have created your tender option categories before creating your tender options.

To create tender options;

1. Go to Admin
2. Tenders
3. Options

The layout of this page consists of;

a. an option category filter

b. buttons such as add and save

c. a list of the options for the selected category

d. an option details section underneath that is split up into several sub sections of information about that option;

As you add the options and select the option in the list you will be able to edit the details about that option below

To starting adding options;

4. Select the option category you would like to add an option to

5. Now you can add options to this option category by clicking on the ‘add’ button in the top right corner

6. Enter the option name
7. Select which business units the option is applicable to or All
8. Select a supplier if it is price specific to 1 supplier

9. Select the price function override if it is different from the Price level of the entire Category (see Option Package solution on how to set up the category to a Price Level)

10. Enter the available date for the option
11. Enter the expiry date for the option - this is also how to remove an option, if you no longer require it enter an expiry date prior to today and it will no longer appear
12. Select whether or not the quantity is required - this means a quantity needs to be specified at Tendering and Estimating stage
13. Select whether or not the estimation is required - the means that this option needs to be approved by the Estimator
14. Select whether or not selections are required
15. Choose whether the option should be visible to sales or not - this means the Sales Person can choose this Option when tendering (if not chosen, the estimator is the only one that can use this option)
16. Choose whether the option is applicable to all house types or not - if ticked, this option becomes available for all House types, if not ticked specific House types need to be chosen in the details section below for this option to be displayed anywhere
17. Then if you would like the packages themselves to appear in a specific order within their category you can order them
18. Click save

NOTE: When you click on an option in the data table the information associated with it is displayed in the details section below.
You can change the size of this viewing area by hovering your mouse over the 2 lines and moving them up and down or left and right.
When you are happy with your view you can start entering information in the sections.

As we move through the following sections you will see that all of the available details are not applicable to every option so you will see different examples in each section to get a good idea of how all of the fields can be used and all of the information can be entered.

Click on the open / close arrow to open the details section
Enter a colour name if there is one
Enter a model reference if there is one
Select the UOM (units of measure)
Select the default quantity (this is the quantity that will be displayed in the tenders screen if this option is selected)

Enter a description (this is the internal description)
Enter a client description (this is the description the client sees in documents generated from ClickHome)
Enter specifications if applicable to that package
Enter Addendum information if applicable to that package
Click save if you are finished with your changes

Documents and Images:

These are for display purposes on the tenders screen and/or for document generating purposes for the client.

Click on the open / close arrow to open the documents and images section if you need to upload files to this option.
Click on the … button to navigate to the file and select it
Once you have chosen the file click upload
The document or image file will appear in the box below

Tick the thumbnail (thu) checkbox against a specific document to make it the display image for this specific option

Click save

Price Functions:

Use the filter at the top of this section to see current, future or expired prices.Click on the open / close arrow to open the price functions section if you need to add pricing to this option
Click on ‘Click here to add a new item’ to add a price
Select a price level (if there are different price levels for the package then each new price function will have a different price level)
Enter an effective date (this is when the price becomes active, any previous prices against the same price level will become expired)

Enter the cost
Tab and the cost tax should auto calculate
Tab and calculated sell should auto calculate
Enter an override sell if required
Profit margin
Profit amount
Margin amount
Click save

Now this is where you add specific house types to the option instead of selecting the option as available to ‘All house types’ in the list above.
Click on the open / close arrow to open the houses section
Click on the add button on the far right
Select a house type from the drop down list
Enter an available from date
Enter an expires on date (optional)
Click save.


If you would like this option to have substitutions you can enter this detail here.

Select the default option from the drop down list

TBC - information to be added