To create tender option categories go to;

1. Admin

2. Tenders

3. Option Categories

4. Click on ‘Click here to add a new row’

5. Enter the name of the category
6. You can ignore ‘Action’ as this is just a shortcut link to the options that will be created under this option category
7. Select the primary category of that option category (ClickHome Version 3.8)
8. Select which business units the option category is applicable to or All

9. Select a price function (see price functions Solution on how to set these up) 

10. Choose whether the description can be changed or not when creating tender (salesperson is able to change the option description at tendering stage)
11. Then if you would like the categories to appear in a specific order you can order them
12. Click save

You will see that the options link button in the action column is no longer greyed out, you are now able to create options against this Option Category 

(see [Admin] Create Tender Options)

NOTE: if you create a category and want to delete it you must select it first using the check box on the left

Then click on the delete button at the top and then click save

If you don’t save after deleting the item, it will not be deleted