In order to support a complex system like ClickHome and ensure we can resolve problems quickly and efficiently, we may require remote access to your system, especially your ClickHome server and database.

In order to maintain security of your systems, and of ours, we will no longer support VPN connections.

The reasons why VPN are not viable for support include:

  • It connects our computers directly onto your network, and all your systems instead of just the servers we need.
  • It can result in network conflicts with IP addresses conflicting with our setup.
  • It prevents us from accessing our systems, tools and documents that we rely on to provide support.
  • A good explanations can be found in the attached articles from Akamai (

The best solution for us to provide support to you is a web based connection to your server, providing a remote desktop. The reasons this is more secure than a VPN are as follows:

  • Only 1 type of connection is enabled into your network (no inbound connectsion.
  • You control the specific resources/computers that we can access.
  • No software or systems on our network or computers can access your data or network - only the desktop of the computers you designate.
  • If we get a virus or other security vulnerability - it cannot affect or access your systems.
  • And vice-versa, any security risks on your network cannot affect our network.
  • Finally, any security flaws on any other client that affect our system, cannot affect your system.

Additionally, because we do not need to support complex VPN configurations for many clients, we can more quickly and easily access your systems to provide support.

The remote access tools that we will support are as follows:

Our preferred solution is SplashTop Remote Support. This has a number of additional benefits above Citrix and Microsoft:

  • SplashTop consolidates password access so that we do not need to share your password amongst all our staff.
  • We can track and log all connections to your systems from our staff and relate that back to support requests or consulting work.
  • There is one consistent and easy to use way for us to access your systems, speeding up connections and reducing mistakes.
  • We can use it to provide remote support SOS support directly to your affected users if required.
  • It has no cost to you, all costs associated with SplashTop Remote Support are paid by us.

To configure Remote Support Access for the ClickHome Team - ask your IT team to install this agent onto the various servers we need access to: