ClickHome can be used to send automated emails to Clients, Internal staff and External trades/suppliers and clients. The following items need to be configured in ClickHome for this to work. 

  • Configuration of one email address, to send out call-ups and internal emails. You can use any identifiable name you prefer eg

  • This email address will be used to send out call-ups (Email, Fax, and SMS) to suppliers with all the relevant details for the supplier/trade to show up on site.  If you are using Faxes the email will also require a mailbox to be set up. This mailbox will receive the fax confirmation and mail receipts, which will then be used within the system to notify the supervisors appropriately. 

  • We will require information about the email server name and address: please provide the email server name or the IP address. 

  • SMTP port address: If the port number is not 25, please provide the SMTP port. 

  • A relay setup providing access to the ClickHome Server, to transfer mails through the Mail Server or a cloud based system