There are three ways documents can be shared to JobFile.

1) Any task attachments will automatically be attached to the task in JobFile

2) Job Specific Documents

    a) Automatically shared documents based on the Document Category highlighted by a little JobFile icon next to it.

    b) Shared documents that are ticked with Share to JobFile (eg if category does not share by default.)

Technical Setup

Task-related documents will always send to JobFile. 

Contract related documents will send to JobFile: 

  • If tblDocuments.bSupplierAccessOveride = 1 (can only be done in Web Application) 
  • If tblDocCategories.inConstructionShare = 2 or 3 

Table 32 inConstructionShare Rules 



Don’t share 

Send to field device 

Send to field device and JobFile 

Send to JobFile 


Doesn’t Send to JobFile 


Note: Contract level document sharing can be dangerous if not properly managed, as there is the potential for documents to be shared that are price sensitive. Please use caution with applying this rule.


PO Distribution 

If you want to distribute PO’s with each call up, run the following SQL to update PO Template matching rules. 

UPDATE tblPOTemplateMatches set bDistribute = 1