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Feature - Search/Filter in Contract/Job List and Callsheet/TaskList

Late Callups not showing Number - Fixed

2nd signature issue with Inspections - Fixed

Unexpected Error during rescheduling of linked task - Fixed

Supplier name greater than 36 character hides Icon - Fixed

Tablet Manager non working days need to show and calculate on device - Fixed

Job List highlight for visited job should reset after a day - Fixed

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62176: Bug Fix - Tablet Manager - Supplier list is displayed twice in the drop down

Supplier list duplication  - Fixed. The list was displayed twice in the drop down.

61807: Bug Fix - Tablet Manager - additional delivery instruction 2nd time causes a sync issue on tablet manager

Fixed - 2nd time sync error after adding additional delivery instruction on tablet manager.

Release notes for  - Release date Fri, September 27 2013


62296: Improve Layout of Job Notes

UI Enhancements.

60569: Bug Fix - Deleting the spilt task does not remove task from tblMMNewSplitTasks

If new split task is deleted before synchronising - it is deleted completely from local DB, and doesn't come to mmservice.

61666: Tablet Manager - The Phone Calls Due section has incorrect information

Fixed the issue of Mobile number not showing when users check the "Phone Calls Due" section in the Home page.  The list of Suppliers to call, now shows the Mobile Number on the screen if supplier are set with contact method as Mobile number

62174: Feature - Can't update the completion percentage on Tasks with inspections assigned

Now the message box appears only if user wants to set 100% completion.

62249: Bug Fix - Call&Confirm set to Always, but reverts to send message normal message option

Now if Call % Confirm Others option set to Always, schedule task screen always shows Call & Confirm as a default message option.

62279: Bug Fix - Document doubling up on tablet manager & failing sync when attached to callup

Duplicating issue on the Job Details View is now fixed.
If the document was deleted - it's deletes on the device during the sync.

62152: Bug Fix - Fix Alternative Date in Tablet Manager

Users can confirm an alternate date for a task in tablet manager and sync them

Release notes for  - Release date Tue, October 8 2013

62253: Bug Fix - Tablet Manager Supplier's Tasks always selects first task

When you choose a task list for supplier, the schedule screen did not get the selected supplier instead was always showing the first task from the supplier list.

62343: Bug Fix - Documents not downloaded to Tablet for Senior Supervisor during contract download

Fixed issue with senior supervisors getting contract related information(documents, inspections, requisitions etc..) on downloading the call sheet first time by clicking on grey house.


We have released a new version of Tablet Manager 3.3.6764.

We have introduced Maintenance and PCI modules in this version.

Please read the full release notes for more details. 

We have released the hotfix for Tablet Manager, version: 3.7.6878

Please read the full release notes for more details. 

Tablet Manager version has been released. 

This version introduces a lot of new features including Advanced Planning, Advanced Product Call up, and several new screens.

Please read the full release notes for more details.

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