We want to help you get the most from ClickHome, and help you solve problems as quickly as possible. To help us do this, here are some guidelines that can help improve the support process.

Please note, some documentation on this portal is hidden unless you have a login - you can signup here, or use the Login button below if you have already registered. This is register and login to this support portal, and has nothing to do with the login to ClickHome at your office or business.


Authorised Support Contacts

Support requests must come through an authorised contact point at the client. This ensures that we do not provide sensitive information about your system to staff that are not permitted access to it, or to unwanted third parties. Also, by keeping the authorised support contacts to only a few key people, we are able to build better relationships and through an improved mutual understanding, we can provide support more quickly and effectively to each client.

From time to time we may need to involve an end user, such as when the problem only occurs for some users, or we are unable to replicate the problem. In these cases, the support request should still come from the authorised support contact, and we will keep both parties informed on progress.

Email, Phone or Portal

We provide support from 7:00am  to 4:00pm AWST by telephone. You can phone us with the support request and if it is anything more than a trivial question and answer, we will make a ticket to track the progress of the problem. When we make a ticket for you, it will be sent through to you so that followup technical details like the error message and or screen shots can easily be added to the ticket as per below.

If we have a support request without a screen shot, or other details, we will email you back and ask for more information. This gives you the ability to follow up with other users that may also be having the problem or take time gathering the information. For new ClickHome users, these requests may seem a little cumbersome, but it saves time in the long run, and helps us resolve your request more quickly.

Support or Consulting

Our support team is here to help you use ClickHome and resolve potential or actual problems with the software. This will always be along the lines of "How do I ...". There is no charge for this support, it is covered in your annual support and maintenance. Anything that becomes a question like "Please do ... for me" is consulting. 

  • For support, we will always try to provide instructions, links to the online user manual, or if you phone us, we can give you a quick introduction to get you started.
  • If you would like more in depth information or more formalised training we will refer your request to the consulting team to organise an on site or online training for you and your team.
  • If you would like us to configure your system for you, the support team will forward this to the consulting team for a quote before commencing the actual implementation work.

Helpful Information

Our support team will need to get some information from you to understand the request and help provide the best solution for you. The sort of information we will need includes:

  • If it is a problem, describe the problem in sufficient detail and add any background information that might not be obvious to someone who does not work in your office with you.
  • Describe what you want to happen, this helps us understand the desired outcome, if it is a problem or request for help to configure the system, knowing what your goal is helps us find the right solution.
  • We want to know the severity and deadline.. is it impacting just one user, or everyone, is it one person not able to complete a task in ClickHome, but able to do their normal work, or is it a supervisor not able to do callups. We have many requests per day, sometimes it might even be multiple requests from you. We need to know how to best respond and prioritise our work.
  • Include details about the problem so we can investigate specific configuration information, this should include job numbers, user (or users), task, document, inspection, client etc. Copy and paste where possible.
  • Include screen shots and error messages - see below.


We often ask for a screenshot to help us understand the problem, and gather information about your support request. The common saying is "a picture is worth a thousand words". A screenshot can often provide a lot of context relating to the support request, and save us time following up for more details.

How to Screenshot in Windows

When you provide a screenshot, please include the entire ClickHome screen, not just a small section of it. A screen shot of just the error message misses all the other related contextual information.

Here is a good link on how to provide a screen shot. You can take the screenshot and paste it into your email when you submit the ticket.


A screenshot should look like this:

How to Screen Shot on iPad

Here is a good link on how to take Screen Shot with your iPad.


Error Information

When ClickHome reports an error, it includes a lot of technical information which helps explain possible causes of the error. Including this information will make it much quicker for the support team to assess the root cause of the problem and provide advice on how it can be fixed. Showing an error with the screenshot is useful, but we need the full detailed information.

This video shows how to click on the Show Details button, and select the detailed text box, and then using keyboard combination - Ctrl + A (select all), and then Ctrl + C (copy selection) to copy the detailed text so you can paste it into your email. You can also send off the error by clicking the 'Report This' button which will send this report to the ClickHome Support team.