Why Share Feature Requests

We rely on the Feature Request Forum to help track and manage all the great ideas, requirements, and suggestions that our clients provide to us.  ClickHome is designed to service the residential construction industry, an industry that has been around a lot longer than we have, and there are many experts working for our clients. Using the forum means that many different users of  ClickHome are able to contribute suggestions and make comments and provide feedback on other users suggestions. The more support there is from our existing users for a particular feature, and the more discussion around that suggestion, the better we can understand it.


Not every feature request makes it into our product. We still pick and choose the things that we will implement, but the important factor that guides us in this process is, how many users and clients will benefit from this improvement. The more users and clients we keep happy, and the more future users we can attract with those features, the more successful ClickHome is as a product. We have been doing this since 2004, and we would like to think we have made good decisions so far, and will continue to do so.

How to Submit a Feature Request

The first rule to remember is - this is public - other users from other builders can see your Feature Request - so don't submit any confidential data, client names or other information you don't want shared.

Secondly, only users who have registered and logged in to the ClickHome Support Portal can see the Feature Requests Forum.

Other than that, it should be clear what you think needs to be changed or added to ClickHome, and why you want it. This is important, so that other users can understand, and support your request, and we can understand your goal and what you need so that we can either provide suggestions on how you might already be able to achieve or meet that need, or if we do proceed to implement the change, we do it in the best, most useful or correct way possible.