Sometimes you might encounter a problem after we’ve released a new version; other times maybe there’s something you wish ClickHome could do that it currently doesn’t. 

We know it’s not always easy to tell the difference between a bug and a feature request, so here’s a quick guide to help you understand which is which so you’ll always lodge them in the best place for our team here at ClickHome to address. 


Feature Request 

Feature Requests play a vital role in the ongoing development and quality of ClickHome. However, not all requests are viable or necessary. Requests for changes to functionality that are identified as requiring significant additions or changes to ClickHome are referred to as Feature Requests. 


The evaluation process involves establishing whether; 

  1. The functionality already exists within the software. 

  1. A combination of existing functionality and process implementation may provide the required solution. 

  1. A business case or clarification of the request is required for a full evaluation. 


We always try to build the most valuable features for our clients; however, as ClickHome has many different components (Land, Leads, Tenders, Pre-Construction, Construction, Maintenance, Integration, MyHome and many, many more) we need to make careful consideration about which systems to focus on. This could mean that your feature request might not be suitable for all clients or is currently not on the roadmap. If this is the case, you will be contacted with an explanation of the reason for declining the request.   

Feature Requests that have not been rejected will remain visible on the support portal for clients to comment on. When it fits within the roadmap items with the greatest popularity it will be added to the development queue.  

If you believe a feature request is urgent, we could discuss this in more detail and if accepted as a good idea it could be fast-tracked if you wish to partly pay for the development so extra resources could then be allocated to speed up the process. 

See article How To - Track Feature Requests and Paid Enhancements



If there is functionality that isn’t working and it used to work or if an error of some sort is appearing and it’s not obvious what the problem is, then this is typically reported as a bug. We prioritise these according to the number of users they affect and the severity of the issue they cause. We have an escalation process and priority levels which are assigned to these. Generally, the more information you can provide, the quicker the bug will be resolved. Screenshots, time of error, the steps you took to get to that point, type of device being used, login credentials etc. are all important pieces of information you can share with our team to help. 


Please keep in mind, the ClickHome Software Suite is a multifaceted, comprehensive solution with a wide variety of modules and a vast range of users. All users come from different sized teams and complexities so, while any bug or feature request you lodge is important to us, there may be other items that are of a higher priority we’re attending to. The quickest way for our team to help is to ensure you’ve lodged a bug or feature request in the right place and have patience while we work our way through tickets and requests on a priority basis.  


Still unsure if it’s a feature request or bug? 


That's okay, simply follow our step-by-step quiz to find out!