We know there are challenging times ahead, but we want you to know we're here to help you through it as best we can. From ensuring the health and safety of everyone on site and in the office to navigating projects over the coming months, here are some of the ways ClickHome can help. 

Moving Online


Moving the start of your leads process online may keep the ball rolling while government regulations are in place. ClickHome Leads can help you manage all incoming enquiries from Facebook, your website, real estate portals and more where your sales team can then use phone calls, hold video meetings or emails to guide their leads down the sales funnel or keep them 'hot' for when they're ready to build.

Online Selections

During the selections and variations stages, MyHome can help your team handle things remotely as customers are able to provide their input and approvals from the safety of their own home. The selections they've made are then available for your team to review in ClickHome so they can get in touch with your customers to confirm and finalise the tender.

See our solution article for how customers can make selections in MyHome here.

Contactless Document Sharing

Going paperless is easy with the number of different ways ClickHome can help you share important documents with everyone from one central place. These include sharing POs, house plans, invoices and more with suppliers & trades through JobFile (more info below); uploading documents to ClickHome for everyone to access; and sharing summary documents like addenda and variations with customers through MyHome.

Working from Home

One of the advantages of ClickHome is that it's an internet-based solution, meaning your IT team can provide you with remote access to your system, including documentation, projects, tasks and client data so your team can work from home. If you need help contact us on support@clickhome.com.au or (08) 9275 5225.

Organising Your Workload

Reallocating Jobs in Bulk

You may already be in the process of, or may soon need to shuffle workloads around within your different teams. ClickHome's Bulk Operations feature can help make this quick and painless by reassigning multiple jobs to staff members at once.

Postponing Jobs

If some of your customers need to temporarily postpone their build you can change the status of their contract to 'stop' in ClickHome along with any reasons they disclose. Then when they're ready to start building you can change it to 'active', with all baselines and forecasts automatically recalculated. 

Click here to jog your memory of how to change a contract's status.


We have tons of standard reports available to help you organise and plan your activity over the coming weeks. From claim forecasts to construction progress, job lists and more, find out all the reports you can generate in ClickHome here.

On Site Safety


You can ensure the safety of everyone on site through additional health and safety inspections and limiting access to only essential workers. This will help you make sure all supervisors are complying with safety precautions, such as 4m2 distancing and availability of cleaning supplies, across all your sites. See the solution article on setting up additional inspections.


With JobFile not only can you go paperless by sharing all documents with suppliers & trades electronically (see above); you'll always know who is coming to site and have all the latest up-to-date info on task progress, completions, delays and more available directly in ClickHome. 

We've always made JobFile free for ClickHome clients, so if you'd like to get started today contact us on support@jobfile.com.au

ClickHome Assist

We recently launched our new client service ClickHome Assist to help with all those day-to-day admin activities. We understand the weeks ahead are going to be tough for all of us, so we're offering all our clients free ClickHome Assist packages to help. Contact us on sales@clickhome.com.au to get started.