The knowledge base consists of a variety of articles. This article provides information on accessing support articles and the purpose of the different types of articles.

Access Support Articles 

Certain articles are hidden as those articles pertain to your specific business. 

Please ensure you are signed in to the Support Portal to get full access to your Tickets and all the help articles.

Instructions to Access Support Articles

Step 1: Sign in to the support portal

Step 2: Search for a particular Article 

Step 3: Explore the Knowledge Base by selecting an article from one of the main Modules 

Types of Support Articles

This online ClickHome portal provides a list of complete documentation about the system. There are various types of articles aimed at different audiences. 

Each subsection will have articles relating to:

Template NamePurpose
IntroEvery user should read this article first if they are unfamiliar with the topic or key concept
How To / SetupThe format and structure of these documents should remain the same as only the content will be directed at a different target audience (End User / Admin) 
InfoFor all detailed Explanations
Technical System Configuration 
TroubleshootingAny issues and steps to resolve them