Info Panels provide more information about the related Job, task, client etc. right at hand without the need to spend additional time searching for key information to help completed tasks and answer questions.

Once you have accessed a Contract from the Contract list, the screen below will be displayed.

When you access any contract an Info Panel will be displayed on the right of the screen.

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If you open to the Master contract as displayed in the image above, the Master contract Info Panel will be displayed to the right of the screen. 

Master Contract 

Intro - Master Contract Info Panel (Desktop)

How To - Edit a Contract & Master Contract (Desktop)

  • If you access any contract for a specific Job type, the Info Panel of that specific Job Type will be displayed to the right of the screen.


Intro - Land Contract Info Panel


Intro - Leads Info Panel (Desktop)

Pre - Site

Intro - Pre - Site Contract Info Panel (Desktop)


Intro - Construction Contract Info Panel (Desktop)


Intro - Maintenance Contract Info Panel (Desktop)

Ad - Hoc

Intro - AdHoc Contract Info Panel (Desktop)

*Common Info Panel Features:

How To - Edit & Add Related Clients & Related Suppliers (Desktop)

Intro - Hardfile Tracking

Info - The Contract Info Panel Menu

  • If you open the client details you will be navigated to the Client screen which will have the Client Info Panel displayed on the right of the screen. 


Info - Client Screen (Desktop)

Intro - Client Info Panel (Desktop)

Additional Functionality on screen

You can add a Tender to the Contract on the opened contract screen, see : How To - Create a New Tender (Desktop).