Welcome to the Tenders Module, for more information on Tenders, see: Intro - The Tenders Module

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Searching for Tenders

To search for a specific Tender, see: Info - Tenders Search Criteria (Desktop).

Tender Info Panel

The Tender Info Panel is displayed on the right of the screen, for more information on the Tenders Info Panel see: 

Info - Tender Contract Info Panel (Desktop)

Creating a Tender 

You can add Tenders to a contract by navigating to the kebab menu located on the right of the Tender info Panel, see:

Info - Create a New Tender

Viewing a Tender  

To learn more about a created Tender, as displayed in the screen above, see: 

Info - Viewing a Tender on a Contract (Desktop)

Editing a Tender

You can edit a Tender by making changes in the Edit overview, see:

Info - Edit Overview Pop Up (Desktop)

Sales Edit Navigation 

To learn more about Sales Edit Navigation and the different Sales Edit screens, see:

Info - Sales Edit Navigation Screen (Desktop)

Estimator Review Navigation 

To learn more about Estimator Review Navigation and the different Estimator Review screens, see:

Info - Estimator Review Navigation Screen (Desktop)

Tender Selections

To learn more about making selections on a Tender, see:

Info - Making Selections in the Tenders Module (Desktop)

Tender Variations

To learn more about Tender Variations, see:

How To - Add a Variation to a Tender (Variation Tab)- (Desktop)

How To - Make Changes to a Variation (Desktop)

Breach, Terminate, Reprice, Title Land Discount & Base Price Extension Charge  

To learn more about Update Base House Price Functionality, see: 

Intro - BTR, TLD & BPEC

How To - Apply TLD, BPEC & BTR

How To - Search for Tenders gone past ACC & need a BTR