This article will cover how to access, view and manage you support tickets on the ClickHome Desktop.

Understanding ClickHome Support

ClickHome Support consists of 4 Tabs: 

Home - This tab displays an overview of the information covered in each tab

Solutions - This tab displays the ClickHome knowledge base which consists of a variety of articles that provide context and assistance when using the ClickHome desktop, MobileLeads & Field Software.

Forums - This tab displays any announcements, tips & tricks, release notes and any future requests or suggestions. 

Tickets - You can view the status and progress of your tickets on your tab. 

The 'How can we help you today?' section, can be used for the fllowing: 

  • Type a concept/term into the search field provided which would display a list of all items with the concept name, with any of the tabs in ClickHome Support. 
  • You can create a new support ticket by clicking on 'New Support Ticket'
  • You can check the progress/ status/ Information of any current or previous tickets you have created. 

Accessing the Tickets Tab

Click on the Tickets tab located at the top of the ClickHome solutions screen. 

Features of the Tickets Tab

Creating a Ticket & Viewing Ticket Status

At the top of all screens on ClickHome support you can:

  • Create a New support ticket 
  • Check Ticket Status 
  • Call our Support team

Ticket Display Dropdowns

You can choose which tickets are to be displayed :

  • All Tickets 
  • Open or Pending 
  • Resolved or Closed 

Below this you can choose how the tickets are to be arranged/ sorted.

Export Tickets

You have the ability to Export all your tickets, by clicking on the 'Export tickets' button located at the top right of the tickets tab. 

Types of Tickets 

Forum - Ticket has been created from a or based on a Forum discussion 
Email - The ticket has been created based on an email.
Call - The tickets has been created based on a call (In Conversation). 

Ticket Details

The Ticket heading is displayed in Blue text and includes the Ticket number (In the example image the ticket number is #392).

The Date and time the ticket had been created is displayed below the ticket heading.

Ticket Status

The ticket status is displayed to the right of the ticket. - See above on how to view ticket statuses.