Welcome to the Admin module, for more information on features on admin screens, see: Info - Common Features of all Admin Screens.

The Admin Module

The admin module consists of Validation admin pages and Non validation entry pages. 

Validation Entry Pages

For a list of all the Validation entry pages, see: Setup - Validation Entry Admin Screens (Desktop).

Non Validation Entry Pages


Setup - Inspection Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Inspection Policies (Desktop)

Setup - Inspection Templates (Desktop)

Setup - Job Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Regions (Desktop)

Setup - Templates (Desktop)


Setup - Templates (Desktop)


Info - Display Centre Default Hours (Desktop)

Info - Display Centre Openings (Desktop)

Setup - Displays (Desktop)

Setup - Job Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Referral Source Default Hours (Desktop)

Setup - Referral Source Default Roles (Desktop)

Setup - Referral Source Opening Roles (Desktop)

Setup - Referral Source Openings (Desktop)

Setup - Referral Sources (Desktop)

Setup - Regions (Desktop)

Setup - Templates (Desktop)


Setup - Issue Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Job Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Templates (Desktop)

Master Reports

Setup - Master Reports (Setup)


Pages applicable to Development.


Setup - Job Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Regions (Desktop)

Setup - Templates (Desktop)


Setup - Budget Figures (Desktop)

System Configurations

Setup - Areas (Desktop)

Setup - Brands (Desktop)

Setup - Business Unit (Desktop)

Setup - Claim Templates (Desktop)

Setup - Councils (Desktop)

Setup - Doc Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Doc Category Groups (Desktop)

Setup - Estates (Desktop)

Setup - House Types (Desktop)


System Settings

Setup - Tender Report Header Option Area Default (Setup) 

Setup - Tender Report Headers (Desktop)

Technical Settings

Info - Sending a Message(Desktop)

Template Configurations 

Setup - Bins (Desktop)

Setup - Flex Field Definitions (Desktop)

Setup - Process Events (Desktop)

Setup - Resource Codes (Desktop)

Setup - RFQ Template Sets (Desktop)

Setup - Stages (Desktop)

Setup - Summaries (Desktop)

Setup - Summary Groups (Desktop)

Tender Configurations

Setup - Tender Option Assemblies (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Option Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Option Category Areas (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Option Category Phases (Setup)

Setup - Tender Package Categories (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Package Category Areas (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Package Category Phases (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Phase Sets (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Primary Categories (Desktop)

Tender Price Settings 

Setup - Tender Price Functions (Desktop)

Tender System Settings

Setup - Suburbs (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Contract Rules (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Surcharges (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Triggers (Desktop)


Setup - Price Level Rules (Desktop)

Setup - Price Levels (Desktop)

Info - The Price Review Screen (Desktop)

Setup - Tender Price Displays (Desktop)

User Setup

Setup - Default Contract Roles (Desktop)

Setup - Security Role Permissions (Desktop)

Setup - Security Roles (Desktop)

Setup - User Reports (Desktop)

Setup - User Roles (Desktop)

Setup - Users (Desktop)


Info - Icons (Main)