This article outlines the stages of a Tender.

It's designed to assist you in understanding how the ClickHome Tenders module works and how each section relates to your processes.

It is important to remember that each business handles the tender process differently so this article attempts to cater for the various processes.

Roles potentially involved in the tendering process;

  • Client;
  • Sales Representative;
  • Tender Presenter / Prestart Consultant;
  • Estimator;
  • Colours Selector.

Documentation output from a Tender;

  1. Sales Quote
    • Pre-Contract Variations
  2. Final Contract
    • Post-Contract Variations
  3. Addenda

The process starts with interest from a client to build a house.

The sales representative creates a quote which is presented to the client.

After they review the quote there are several pre-contract variations made before a final contract is created. 

A Tender presenter or Prestart consultant as well as an Estimator may be involved in this process.

The final contract may then have several post-contract variations as well as an Addenda for the colours selection process.

In ClickHome all of these documents are formed from the information selected and each of the individuals roles are included in this process using different security permissions and access.

The stages or statuses of the tender in ClickHome are therefore as per below;

  • Draft¬†
    • The Sale Representative is creating the quote
  • Estimator Review
    • The Estimator is reviewing the tender
  • Accepted
    • The Client is reviewing the contract
  • Contract
    • Final Contract is signed off

In Clickhome the client review needs to be done before the Estimator review can be done, is this correct and above is incorrect?

Dependant on type we need to cater for these examples - What should we display on screen and when.

Client statuses, could we have 2 - preliminary OK and then after estimator.